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Program Toyota H All Keys Lost with OBDSTAR X300 by OBD
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OBDSTAR X300 DP / X300 Pro3  key master can do all keys lost for Toyota H chip via OBDII within 3 minutes, fast and easy. (mainly for Toyota with America and middle east standard).
Here’s the demo guide on programming Toyota H chip all keys lost with X300 Pro3 step-by-step:
Connect  OBDSTAR X300 pro3  host with vehicle via OBD socket
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Select Toyota/Scion/Lexus->Toyota/Scion/Lexus V32.17
Select  Immobilizer->Type 3 (With H 8A/8E)->select region USA/Middle East->Reset Immobilizer (All key lost)
Please make sure the doors stay open during the programming procedure
Turn ignition off and turn it on again
Turn ignition off and remove the key
Configuring the system…
Switch ignition on
program key in progress
Turn ignition off and remove key
Program keys as the following steps:
Program 2 master keys and 1 sub keys
1)Insert the first master key,  turn on the ignition and wait for 5 seconds
2)Insert the second master key, turn ignition on and wait for 5 seconds
Program H chip key success
Where to download BMWAiCoder V4.6 for free?
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BMW E-Sys F-series coding software is the most widely known BMW car coding program. Instead of providing powerful functionality, you have to install the Launcher for the token and install psdzdata. Also, there is an initial entry barriers because it is not easy to learn how to use and become proficient.
BMWAiCoder  is a program that makes this entry barriers lower and easier to code. Just install BMWAiCoder and you can start using it in English, but each button has a number so you can easily code it by following the steps. However, it has a disadvantage in that it is limited in functionality and less stable than  E-Sys . In addition, since the 4.6 version is no longer being updated and the author does not seem to be willing to update, it is better to use it to fix some coordinates quickly and easily, rather than using it as a full-blown coding tool.




If you unzip it, you can use it immediately and there is no installation process.
Depending on the vaccine, the executable program may be recognized as malicious code. In this case, please allow it. If you are worried, please delete it. (You are at your risk. Credit to Mr. jihunx)

How to use

Connect the vehicle and the laptop with a  BMW ENET coding cable  and turn on the vehicle.
Run BMWAiCoder.exe from the extracted folder .
When you run the program, the first firewall access pop-up may appear. Please select Accept.
After running the program, the download keywords window will open automatically. The process of downloading additional items to be coded on the Internet. Since it will be used in English,  Select English language and press Download button.
Do not worry if you have not seen this screen for the first time or if you accidentally hand it over. You can download again at any time by pressing Custom Menu.
The coding process is easy to explain. You’ll see a button with a number, you can complete the coding by following  buttons in order. Of course, with understanding of the coding and basic coding concepts.
Press 1. DetectCar and press 2. Connect to connect to the vehicle.
Press 3. Get ECUs List to bring up the entire module list.
From the list of ECUs, select the module you want to code.
Press Read Button to call up a list of coded coordinates that can be made in the module [1].
After changing the value of the desired item, press the [2]  5.Write  button to raise the modified value to the vehicle [3].
If you want to cancel the modification and return to the original value, click the Restore button.
How to install TIS2000 GlobalTIS for GM Tech2 clone
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Tutorial:  GM Tech2 diagnostic scan tool  software install for SAAB, OPEL, GM, ISUZU, Suzuki and Holden, esp. how-to’s of GlobalTIS or TIS2000 install and crack issues


Part 1: How to install Windows XP on a computer

Part 2: How to disable Delayed Write for USB drive via Device Manager

Part 3: Tech 2 bin file and software download

Part 4: How to install & crack TIS2000

Part 5: How to install & crack GlobalTIS


Let’s live-stream-ish this.


Part 1: PC requirement and Windows XP install


All of the Tech 2 software is intended to work with Windows XP Professional, 32-bit. It may be possible to use the software using another OS, but results are hit or miss. Broadly speaking, you will probably have good luck with a 32-bit version of Windows 7 and every step you move away from that OS towards current it’s going to be more difficult.


Similarly, all Tech 2 software is intended to be used over a  physical serial (“COM”) port . It may be possible to use the software over a simulated serial port such as a USB to serial adapter, but results are hit or miss. There are a couple specific adapters that are generally considered to work better than others (perhaps someone would care to offer ones they have gotten working, and someone can update this post).


For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to use Windows XP Pro 32-bit running directly on a PC with a physical serial port.

What I have:


  1. Dell Vostro 320  – this is a c2010 all-in-one computer that still has native support for Windows XP and has a physical serial port. Mine has an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 and 3gb of RAM – it’s way more than the Tech 2 software needs but will work great.
  2. Dell  Windows XP SP3  physical CD that I’m using to install XP fresh.
  3. Chinese  clone  GM Tech 2 , from  obdii365.com .
  4. Three  PCMCIA cards  from the same place. Two are Saab-English 148 and one is GM-English 33.004
  5. 16gb flash drive . (Believe me, you want this)


I need to assume you know how to install Windows XP on a computer.


There are simply way too many variables to explain how to do this. If you don’t know how, there are lots of tutorials out there that can help you.

We are going to pick up right after you’ve done a fresh install of Windows XP on your computer. I would highly recommend you do this – picking up someone’s 10 year old computer and hoping it just works opens you up to world of pain – old anti-virus software, questionable Java installations, corrupted registries, blah blah. XP is old and stupid, you’re best served starting over.

 ...Read More

Fiat 500 2013 Odometer Correction by OBDSTAR X300 Pro3
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I have managed to change mileage on a Fiat 500 year 2013 successfully using  OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key programmer (same as green color OBDSTAR key master) by OBD.
Original Odometer:  74407 KM
Fiat 500 2013 Odometer Correction Procedure:
Connect X300 pro3 host with vehicle via diagnostic socket
Select Vehicles->Mileage Adjustment->Fiat->Fiat V30.64
Loading bin and initializing…
Then choose Fiat 500 model
OBDSTAR key Master  is able to change mileage for Fiat, Albea, Brava, Bravo,Croma,Doblo, Ducato,Grande punto,Idea, Linea, Marelli (Auto) and others models as well.
X300 pro3 read the current mileage: 74407 KM is exactly the same as mileage displayed on dashboard.
Press ENTER button to continue
Key master tablet will ask to enter mileage you desired
Customer required to lower odometer to  59861KM
Fiat 500 mileage correction completed.
Read BMW MSV80 ISN with VVDI2 and CGDI by OBD
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Confirmed! Both Xhorse VVDI2 and CGDI Prog are able to read BMW ISN codes from the MSV80.


In details…


Option 1:  Xhorse VVDI2  BMW read MSV80 ISN codes

Option 2:  CGDI Prog BMW  read ISN from MSV80



Option 1: VVDI2 4.9.0 read MSV80 ISN no issues


Go to Key Learn, then select ECU ISN

Select Type: MSV80, then Read ECU information

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-1

This is ECU info

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-2

Recommend: Connect extra power to the car

Need 8 minutes

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-3

Reading ISN…

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-4

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-5

Read ISN from ECU successfully

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-6

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-7

VVDI2-BMW-ISN-from-MSV80-and MEVD17-8

Job’s done.


Option 2:  CGDI Prog   read BMW ISN from MSV80 successfully

Method 1:  can read directly ISN code in the car,please make sure car voltage is 12V above,directly connect OBD to operate–time about 5 minutes.



Methods 2:  can directly split engine computer (DME) to operate–connect diagram as follows:




ENET E-sys Software BMW i3 Coding Preferences
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For those who are interested here are some coding preferences by using  BMW ENET cable E-sys software:

Disable driver/passenger seatbelts warnings (audio and in display):
3001 -> Gurtzustandsanzeige_Beifahrer (Driver) -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> Gurtzustandsanzeige_Fahrer (Passenger) -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SeatBeltReminder_Fahrer -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SeatBeltReminder_Beifahrer -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> Initialwarnung -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SBR-PreWarning_Fahrer (Driver) -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SBR-PreWarning_Beifahrer (Passenger) -> nicht_atkiv
(some settings may already be set nicht_aktiv)

turn car off when driver's door is opened (removes need for second start/stop push to turn car off):
3020 -> TCM_LOGIC_R_OFF_DOOR -> aktiv

mirrors fold immediately when car is locked, unfold when car is unlocked, and windows can be opened/closed from key:
3056 -> KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB (Comfort Access ONLY) -> aktiv

reduce to 20 km/h the speed at which mirrors automatically unfold (useful to me even if the mirrors set to automatically unfold when unlocking since I sometimes fold the mirrors when parked in my garage but I don't lock the car):

change lane change turn signal to 5 blinks:

change frunk open function on remote to unlock rear hatch (med and long press):

turn on ventilation on med press of panic button (not sure how long ventilation stays on, presumably there is setting for that somewhere):
(note that by default a medium press is greater than 0.5 seconds and less than 2.0 seconds, the setting RC_TIME_DELAY_PANIC defines the maximum medium press time).

turn on door handle lights in reverse:

disable legal disclaimer:
3001 -> LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME -> kein_ld

add rex hold mode menu item to settings:
3000 ->EV_MENU_AVAILABLE -> rex

add lock door after driving away setting to door lock menu:
(Interestingly if you set this back to nicht_aktiv the option will be removed from the menu but the car will continue to not lock the doors if the option was unchecked).

reduce volume to 50% of max when turning car on (defaults to 25%):
3002 -> VOL_MAX_ON -> 32

change fuel tank to euro size:
3005 -> TNK_LITER_RECHTS -> mcv_rex_liter_kl_rechts
3005 -> TNK_OHM_RECHTS -> mcv_rex_ohm_kl_rechts
3005 -> TNK_VOL_ANZEIGE -> 8_litre

sync car clock to GPS (requires clock to be initially set to within 2 (?) minutes of correct time):
3000 -> GPS_UHR -> aktiv...Read More

How to use Lishi HU66 to pick and decode VAG Lock
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Tutorial: pick & decode HU66 VAG lock with Lishi HU66 2-in-1 locksmith tool


The  HU66 lock  is a straight forward lock to pick , far easier with the  Lishi HU66 2in1 pick and decoder than with the standard picks, but either tool with practice makes short work of this lock.


Use Sequence picking For Best Results


The HU66 lock has proven to be susceptible to sequence picking


The 1st generation lock was used in general up to around 2002

The 2nd generation lock was produced in 2002

The 3rd generation lock was introduced after 2006

The 4th generation has been introduced in the end of 2008


Follow below sequences for best results.


This Lock can often pick open easier in an anti clockwise direction , but should in most cases pick open following sequence picking in either direction.


Looking at the photo , generation 1 locks are a straight 4 wafers on top and bottom of lock, commonly referred to as 1 up 1 down , ie , wafer 1 is up so wafer 2 is down , wafer 3 is up and so on . for this we follow the inside numbers on the grid.


Generation 1 lock follows a simple sequence of pick the odd numbers first , then pick the even numbers, so generation 1 locks ;


Pick positions 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 first then pick positions 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 last .


The generation 2 locks onwards used 2 close wafers ,space, and 2 close together on each row, commonly referred to as 2 up and 2 down, ie , wafers 1 and 2 down then wafers 3 and 4 are up then wafers 5 and 6 are down and wafers 7 and 8 up . these have proven susceptible to sequence picking as follows;


First pick positions 1 , 5 , 8 and then 4 in the binding order, once set you will feel plug turn a fraction, then increase tension a fraction and pick positions 3 , 7 , 6 and then position 2 in the binding order , if the lock doesn’t open , run back through positions 3 , 7 , 6 and then 2 a few times and the lock will open.


Picking a generation 2 lock With the  Lishi HU66  2in1 Pick/Decoder


The picking process with the 2in1 compared with standard picks is simplified by a far greater feel and the advantage of sequence picking, unlike the standard picks and any other picks, the lishi 2in1 pick/decoder, picks and decodes all 4 generations of the HU66 lock .



The Lishi Vag 2in1 pick decoder is a simple to use tool , looking at the photo you will see the wafer positions...Read More

BMW G30 ECU Coding Guide with ICOM or E-sys
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What for & How to flash/code BMW G30 ECU:
Part 1: What tool is used for G30 flash or coding?
Part 2: How to do BMW G30 ECU coding/flashing?
Part 3: What G30 systems can be flashed/coding?
Part 4: How do people think of BMW G30 ECU coding?
In details...
Part 1: What tool is used for G30 flash or coding?
Advice and Options:
BMW ENET cable  would probably be better for you.
I flashed NBT EVOs with old  ICOM A2  without problems.
Flashed all Cars with  Icom Next  and Online Aos with DHCP over Router. Since that i have Never any Problems with NBT or other. Flash E/F/G with this Setup.
Note that Online Aos is the online version of the BMW software for Diagnostic, Programming any many other things.
To answer your question
1st : you doesn't need iCOM NEXT to flash the G series...but It actually Lot better & save up your times because ICOM NEXT has build in Gigabit connection.
2nd : old iCOM working find. It just take a lot longer.
Icom best any type , router I noticed w my setup I use desktop w 2 lan port and on a few f cars it actually faster then oem it programs up to 8 module same time w gigabit switch , and handle data lots faster than etnet cable and for certain modules the router is a must will crash hu high in kombi in a few others
Any icom will work , but to be safe with f,g,i series vehicles , use a dedicated router as kafas huh and a few other modules will crash if you do not use a router it handles the switches for Ethernet as those modules use more than 1 path way , in short it uses all 4 two pair wires and without router not good , this has worked for me for some time now good luck. note my router does not connect to wan
In summary,  BMW ICOM Next  is the best option for G series, working better and faster than old BMW ICOM cables. It handles multiprogramming and coding quite nicely. Gets the job done much faster if flashing the complete vehicle. Also, another benefit to Next will be compatibility for future cars.
Part 2: How to do BMW G30 ECU coding/flashing?
BMW G30 has a quite a lot of differences in ECU, so wanted to share my findings here.
- This is Not a comprehensive list of options But options that are unique from options standard across the recent models.
- Read SVT does Not work, use Read ECU instead.
- Ensure vehicle engine is running before you press...Read More

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