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Which programmer to read Toyota diesel ECUs
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Question before entering:

I have a Toyota with d4d engine 2.2d 177hp  
Which tool can read and write  



kess v2 5.017  write it on CAN Line

But you have to do an original because you can't read it

New Ktag clone should do it on bench in Jtag.

X17 official web and write it without problem by OBD or by pinout.

But only in CAN LINE and some think in Kline but you have to buy or build an adapter.


Ktag v7.020  CN clone and eu clone works for me fine  



here are parts of Toyota diesel ECUs that  Kess v2 v4.036  ksuite supported.



How to use Lishi HU58 2 in 1 pick and decoder
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Lishi tools 2 in 1 user guide for those keen to learn about the genuine  Lishi BMW HU58 2 in 1  picking & over-lifting technique.


With Lishi HU58 2 in 1  lock pick and decoder when you pick the lock , the lock will turn slightly then you can decode the lock, but if you want to just open lock without decoding then pull out 2in1 a little and the lock will turn, if you don’t pull the tool slightly out then lock will not turn, they could not put the cut out on the tool as it is on the key as this would weaken the tool
An overlifter  is a key blank cut with a No1 cut in each position yes then you must cut down the shoulders to allow room for complete key and tension wrench in the lock.
when you have made your overlifter key

1) insert tension wrench
2) insert your overlifter key fully so all wafers are lifted
3) apply tension to the tension wrench
4) remove the overlifter key maintaining the turning tension
5) this will hold all wafers in the No 1 height position
6) gently feather your tension removing a tiny bit of tension at a time.
7) you will hear little clicks as wafers fall in turn
8) once tension is fully removed if lock isnt open then start again

The knack is the feathering of the tension , let too much tension off in 1 go and too many wafers will drop , let too little off it takes longer , its just practice to get this rght.


Remember  when picking the HU58 , the plug will turn 10 degrees once picked and stop , you then need to withdraw pick about 1/2 cm to a little arrow by the Lishi logo, once in line with arrow the plug will fully rotate and open.

There are 3 versions of this lock i’ve seen to date , some have wafers missing in some positions , some have all wafers and some have blocked No 9 position .

As has been said overlifting is a much quicker opening on these using a key cut to a No 1 height and the shoulders cut back , a good tension wrench and a little practice on correct feather tension yeilds instant results , same with mercedes  HU64  overlift a dream.

Remember with BMW boots these pick anti clockwise to open , if you pick clockwise which is easier , hold the plug half way between verticle and horizontal then spin anti clockwise , as if you fully turn from vertical to horizontal you will apply the deadlock.
if the BMW plug on boot is vertical its not deadlocked and will open on central locking or will need picking anti clockwise once , if the plug is horizontal then its deadlocked and needs picking twice or spinning when half way between horizontal...Read More

How to Program Audi Q7 Smart Key with Lonsdor K518
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Lonsdor K518ISE  auto key programmer successfully program a smart key on an Audi Q7 post 2009 by OBD.  Same procedure goes to  Audi A6/A6L.
Step 1:  Read Immo data
Connect K518ISE host with vehicle via diagnostic socket
Select Immobilizer->Audi->A6L->2009 up->Immobilization
select Backup Immo data
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Lonsdor K518  host yellow indicator flashes
Reading immo data

K518 read Audi VIN, CS and PIN

save immo data as bin format and confirm

Backup data success
Step 2: Program Key

Select Learn key

All keys need to learn, otherwise will not start car.
Recommend to learn original car key first and then learn new key (smart key must be installed with battery)

select bin file
Again k518ise display VIN, CS and PIN information

select key number to program
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Follow  Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer  instruction to insert key and turn ignition ON
After all keys have been replaced, click OK to finish key learning.
Program key success.
How to use CGDI Prog MB to program Mercedes W221 key
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CGDI Prog MB  is a new released professional Mercedes-Benz key programmer, working as well as  Xhorse VVDI MB Tool .  CGDI MB comes with 2 free tokens each day and calculate the password online super fast.


(5 steps, 20 minutes)

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Read and save EIS data

Step 3: Calculate password

Step 4: Make file key

Step 5: Write data into the key



Step 1: Preparation & ready for 221MTS key programming

Finish connection of CGDI Porg MB to the laptop and the car

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (1)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (2)

Run  CGDI Prog MB software

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (3)

Step 2: Read and save EIS data

Go to EIS: read EIS and save EIS data

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (4)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (5)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (6)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (7)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (8)

Step 3: Calculate password

Calculate password: collect data

(the car voltage should be more the 11.5V)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (9)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (10)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (11)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (12)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (13)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (14)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (15)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (16)cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (17)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (19)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (20)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (21)

Remove the key from EIS, then click on OK

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (22)

Again remove the key from EIS, then click on OK

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (23)

Remove the key for 5 seconds, then insert it into EIS, then OK

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (24)

Put the key into the  CGDI Porg MB key programmer , then OK

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (25)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (26)

Save data, then upload data to calculate password

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (27)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (28)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (29)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (30)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (31)

Search for the result

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (32)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (33)

Copy the password

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (34)

Go to EIS: read EIS, paste password, then save data

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (35)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (36)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (37)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (38)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (39)

Step 4: Make key file

Generate EE: load EIS and make key file

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (40)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (41)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (42)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (43)

Step 5: Write data into the key

Read & write key: read key/chip data, reset, open/write key

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (44)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (45)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (46)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (47)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (48)

Important note:

smart key: format 41, normal key or key from deputy factories: format 51

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (49)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (50)

CGDI Prog  Write data into the key successfully

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (51)

Step 6: Check if the key is work or not

Test the key and it’s working

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (52)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-w221-key (53)

Job’s done!





CGDI Prog MB Key programmer user manual


VVDI MB BGA TOOL  program W221 keys tips


To add new keys to W221 when it lost all keys, you can do like this:
remove W221 EIS,

get eeprom by programmer (such as  VVDI PROG ),

then load eeprom to VVDI MB TOOL to prepare key file,

write key and insert to EIS for key learn.


(src:  http://blog.obdii365.com/2017/01/22/mercedes-w221-all-keys-lost-solved-by-vvdi-mb-vvdi-prog/ )


How to Program Porsche Macan Turbo Smart Key by K518ISE
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Here’s the step-by-step guide on programming smart key on a  porsche macan turboby using  Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer .
2 keys to be programmed
Read BCM data before programming
Lonsdor K518 key programmer
Connect K518ise host with vehicle via diagnostic socket
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Come to Immobilization->Porsche->Macan->Macan Turbo->Smart Key->Program Smart Key
Use programmer to read BCM (D-brights/1N35H EEPROM) data, i.e  Xprog VVDI Prog . Save it as. BIN format and import it into the customfile folder.
Press OK to upload bin file
Lonsdor K518  will display vehicle VIN, press OK to confirm
Please do following:
1.All keys need to learn, otherwise it cannot start vehicle. Recommend to learn the original keys before learning new key (battery must be installed)
2. New key added must be the dealer key generated by car BCM data or key ordered by VIN code
3.Insert key into induction hole when learning key. For smart key, remove the mechanical flip key from keyhole and insert it into induction hole to program.
Turn ignition to ON
Communicating…please wait
Lonsdor K518ISE  will display vehicle VIN and part number, press OK to confirm
Identified number of programmed keys in car: 2
Enter key number to be programmed, here we are going to program  2 keys
Building communication
Current dashboard display: 02-00
Note: if the programming success, the dashboard  will turn on automatically
K518 shows current key ID and programming processing
Insert new key into ignition switch
Current dashboard display: 02-01
Note: if the programming success, the dashboard  will turn on automatically
Remove key and insert 2nd key within 30 sec, turn ignition ON
Lonsdor K518 shows 2nd key current ID and programming
Remove key, all keys involved in programming need to click the unlock button once
Program success
Program smart key success will automatically generate remote
Test the new smart key
How to choose a best car remote key programmer?
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What’s the best remote programmer? skp 900, kd 900, handy baby or xhorse vvdi key tool?


Reply:  (from professionals working for obdii365.com)


SKP900 key programmer has wide vehicle coverage but stops production, not good for future use


KD900 remote maker :   best for remote programmin g, but 1000 tokens inside, you need pay for it when used up


JMD Handy baby  car key copy:  read chips & test frequency, small and portable


Xhorse VVDI key tool multi-function incl. Edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc. (good at TP chip generation)


In summary, if for remote programming ONLY, KEYDIY KD900 should be the best solution.  It’s born as a professional remote programmer, good at remote frequency test, simulate remotes, verify remotes, make remotes, etc. It’s easy to find that Remote Make in the kd900 application list.

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (1)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (2)

For details, look here:


  1. Frequency Test: from 312Mhz-868MHz

Accurate frequency test function. One of the few devices which can test Citroen & Peugeot frequency. Can distinguish ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) modulation modes.

2. Simulate/Generate hundred of new Remote Control

(Remote/RKE): More than about 200 types of transmitters can be generated, for example Toyota, BMW, VW, Audi, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, Honda and many other brands in the kd900 car list.


SIMULATE REMOTE: to make remote to check whether the remote is works well or not, it won’t cost any tokens, but the remote can only use 50 times. During these times you can try to program the remote to the car to check whether you choose the suitable remote.


SIMULATE DEVICE: to make the device work as a remote, check whether the remote is works well or not, it won’t cost any tokens , you can try to program the device to car same as program remote to test.

3. Unknown Remote control Identify

VERIFY REMOTE: to check the remote information, if you have original remote ,please put it on CHEAK AREA, and press any button to see whether you choose the correct remote.
MAKE REMOTE: to make a remote directly, will cost tokens, and then program the remote to the car same way as a original remote, you can use all the time.

4. Customised software for Client



So, how to use Keydiy KD900 for remote programming?


Here you go.

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (4)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (5)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (6)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (7)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (8)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (9)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (11)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (12)

keydiy-kd900-software-price-update (13)

Done! Works perfect!


KD900  Frequently Questions & Answers:


Q:  Does KD900 works with tokens?
A:  Yes, it works with tokens, each machine comes with 1000 tokens inside, and you need recharge it after running out.


Q:  What’s the...Read More

Kess V2 or MPPS 18 to read EDC17C46 by OBD
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What’s the difference of EDC17C46 OBD reading by MPPS V18 & Kess V2 master? Look here:


With  Kess v2 :

You can write boot readout or frf->bin file with kess obd, but you need to choose correct protocol. Kess will automatically do tprot patch in this procedure. But you need to know what you are doing. Checksum correction from alientech is sometimes a little bit poor if you change something outside map area. But if you fail and have made full bootmode readout before you can recover ecu…


With  kess v2 v4.036  firmware with update board work 100% on this ecu. tested from me Friday. all ok!

With  kess v5.017  eu version, I read the file via bootmode tricore and wanted to upload the same original file by obd and get the message: file corrupted or not correct

With  MPPS V18  ECU Flashing cable:


you can make with Mpps the bootfile OBD-enabled and then write OBD. The same option should also be possible with KTAG. Have not yet tried to write the OBD-Mpps file with Kess via OBD.  With Mpps, 100%


But i recommend you’d better have it via BOOT mode.


With MPPS v18, read and write 17c46 in boot mode. No issues!


How to use MPPS V18 to read/write  EDC17C46 through BOOT:


You need to take the ECU apart and connect resistors etc to the circuit board

(kess v2 or ktag don’t need resistor for this ecu. But personally, I do not recommend you to write with Kess clone,  Ktag  smoothly)


Only in bootmode for ecu with Tprot.
Even if you would read-it, then you can’t write-it.
So, open-it and go with the resistors.
It surely is the only way for you.


You can only check TP level this way. Put ecu in boot mode if you wanna read write


In sum, it’s kind of dangerous, no matter with which tool.


How to use Foxwell NT510 to Register BMW Battery
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Foxwell NT510  is more than just an OBD2 scan tool. If you buy the scanner you get to have your own BMW diagnostic scanner that you can use if in the future you have problems with engine, airbag, transmission, ABS and more.  As we all know NT510 will register BMW new battery, but have no idea how to.

Here’s the little guide on registering BMW battery with NT510 BMW scanner.


Background information: 

What is BMW Battery Registration?

During BMW battery registration process the following happens.

  • Battery capacity is set to 80%
  • Current Odometer reading is stored
  • Delete stored battery statistics such as:
    • current,
    • voltage,
    • battery charge level.
  • Stored temperature statistics are deleted

These steps are completed by the BMW scan tool that you will use to complete BMW battery registration. Don’t need to worry about completing these steps one by one. Just complete new BMW battery programming as outlined below.

BMW registration is very simple and straight forward procedure as long as you don’t change battery type and rating. During the battery registration process old battery charging history gets deleted. Now your BMW DME module knows the battery is new and doesn’t require as aggressive chargings as the old battery. This step should be performed every time the battery gets replaced.

If you change the battery rating and type you will need to perform coding as well to let your BMW (IBS / Power Module) know how to handle the new battery.


Which BMW models need battery registration? 

Here is a list of some BMWs that need battery registration. Always verify with your dealer.

E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E67, E70, E71, E72, E81, E82, E84, E87, E88, E89, E90, E91, E92, E93, F01, F10.


What you need:

Foxwell NT510 Multi-system scanner




Step 1: Replace BMW Battery

Better stick with an AGM (Advanced Glass Mat) battery instead of switching to lead acid batteries if the stock was AGM battery.


Step 2: Register a new battery

Locate the on board diagnostic (OBD – 2) port under the dashboard near your brake pedal. Plug your BMW Foxwell NT510 scan tool into this port.

Turn the key to option II but don’t not start engine. If you have a Push Start button press it a couple of times. Don’t press the brake pedal when you press the start button. All the dashboard lights should turn on.

Register the new BMW battery with NT510:

1.Plug your  Foxwell NT510 BMW  scanner into the OBD2 port under the dashboard.

2.Turn ignition on, the key to position II. Do not start your car.


3. Select BMW. Scan for VIN. It will automatically look up the VIN number. Once VIN is found press OK.


4. Scroll down to the Body menu 4.


5. Scroll down to Power Supply (Battery) and press Enter.


6. Select option 2 for Battery registration....Read More

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